Rochelle and her team have been at the kennels for nearly seven years now and continues to improve and better the quality of boarding services available in the Western Cape. We are not biased against any breeds, all fur-babies welcome at our facilities.


Weekday Collection and drop-off facilities available for cats and small to medium sized dogs. Transport is charged at R8.00 per kilometre and on an appointment basis. Times for transport are early morning between 7 and 9am and between 5 and 6pm in the evening. Special arrangements can be made for alternative times during the day.


Dogs are to be brought in on leashes (but please note leashes are not to be left at the kennels as there is a possibility that they could get mixed up or misplaced)

Cats are to be brought in baskets and Birds, Rabbits and Hamsters are to be brought in their cages.


We do provide food unless pets are on a specific diet, then clients are requested to bring along their pets own food. Friday's are "Treat day" where doggies are served chicken and rice – BUT only with permission from owners.

Birds, Rabbits and hamster's own food is to be provided.

We also provide some chews and hooves to boarders but any extra treats and snacks are more than welcome and we'll make sure the pets are given them daily.


"5-in-1", Rabies and kennel cough.
"3-in-1", rabies and all cat diseases.

Please check with your vet if you are unsure about any aspect relating to vaccinations. Vaccination certificates are to be presented when booking in pets.

Vaccinations are ideally to be done 2 weeks before booking pets in, but we are more than willing to have this done for clients and they will then be responsible for transport and vet costs incurred.

We do our utmost to prevent fleas and ticks in our kennels and catteries, so we asked that pets receive regular flea control and deworming too.


We do provide bedding but prefer that clients bring their own so as to make pets more comfortable having something familiar with them.

Bring as much toys and things from home as you're comfortable with, we try and make our boarders as comfortable as possible.


We offer basic grooming such as a wash and dip and also nail clipping. For special grooming such as hair cuts and trims, the doggies are taken to the local grooming parlour, who we work very closely with in order to obtain the most affordable rates for your pets.


We have Heating facilities in both the kennels and catteries for those cold winter months. The heating is provided by infra-red bulbs that are switched on at bed time and switched off at 8am.


If there are any special requirements or things we need to know about your pets, we ask that you please let us know in due time so that provision can be made to accommodate them.

Bitches in season are most welcome as our facilities are designed to be "escape proof".

All medication that needs to be administered are as important to us as they are to you and your pet, please make sure clear instructions are given to our staff.

Doggies are exercised daily by walks at least twice per day and also in our exercise runs. Dogs of different families are never put together. Each family's pets will be kept on their own and get taken out for exercise on their own.


We have a very prominent vet who drops by the kennels on occasion and in a case of an emergency, you will be informed and your pets will be rushed to the nearest vet.

NB: all transport and vet costs incurred are of the owner's responsibility.